Danger Mouse - 26 - Danger Mouse | 150 Million Years Lost

Added: 11.04.1983

Professor Squakencluck shows off his time machine. However, when Penfold gets too close to the machine’s targeted area, he is sucked into the past, 150 million years ago, in exchange for a dinosaur egg. Danger Mouse heads back to look for him. While Squakencluck tries to fix his machine, a Diplodocus who got swapped for Danger Mouse becomes impatient and busts out of the lab. Penfold encounters his ancestors. The prehistoric age gets mixed with the middle ages, causing Danger Mouse to meet an armoured knight. Eventually Danger Mouse is able to return to the present and uses the time machine ray to bring Penfold back to the present but instead of sending the dinosaur back he sends back Nelson’s Column.

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1981 - 1992

Danger Mouse