Danger Mouse - 30 - Danger Mouse | The Great Bone Idol

Added: 16.05.1983

Count Duckula and Greenback team to find the bone idol, an artifact that supposedly has the spirit of Cerberus and that can control all the dogs in the world. Danger Mouse and Penfold follow Duckula to the Himalayas, but have trouble when they are hanging off a cliff. Duckula buys the mystic stick from a guru. Danger Mouse and Penfold steal the stick from Duckula in the Sahara desert and use it to locate the well that has the treasure but guarded by a herd of elephants. Duckula nabs the treasure box with the bone; Danger Mouse tries to take it back but is unsuccessful. Duckula and Greenback activate the bone, summoning all the dogs in the area, but when Duckula accidentally throws the bone back in the box, it locks itself for another thousand years.

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1981 - 1992

Danger Mouse