Danger Mouse - 20 - Danger Mouse | The Odd Ball Runaround

Added: 18.10.1982

Danger Mouse and Penfold travel to Australia where they pick up top secret plans from an agent rat in the form of a rugby ball. Penfold gets distracted by a boomerang and is later picked up by large bird of prey. Penfold drops the ball into a castle, which happens to be controlled by Baron Greenback. Danger Mouse attempts multiple times to get into the castle but fails, leaving Penfold to dramatically grieve at the supposed loss. They get into the castle but Penfold is captured and Danger Mouse is shot out to a mountain top. Eventually Danger Mouse is able to rescue Penfold and secure the ball, only to find out later from Colonel K that the ball was actually a decoy meant to be given to Greenback.

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1981 - 1992

Danger Mouse